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“Amazon reserves the right to modify or cancel this offer at any time” and Amazon terms apply.


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Don’t Miss this Book Giveaway!


Castle Adventure Giveaway Are you looking for a free kid’s book that is a fun action and adventure story? Don’t miss this book giveaway.

I am very excited that KidsEmail is running this book giveaway on my book The Castle Adventure.

Entry is easy … you just need leave a comment here, stating who the book would be for, and why you think they would like it!

The contest runs from today to the 17th May 2013 … so don’t miss it!



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50 Inspirational Quotes on The Meaning of Life


DSC01128Your beliefs, background and character, will affect your view on the meaning of life .

We’re all unique! Even though 99% of the human DNA bases are the same in all people, we are all different from one another, with special talents, differing likes and dislikes, and so on. So it is not surprising that we might have differing views from Continue reading

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What is Life About?


DSC01148Do you sometimes feel frustrated as you battle through life with tiresome work, trying to make ends meet and to build up something for the future? Does is get you wondering … what is life about?

If you’ve asked that question, you are in good company. People have discussed and searched for answers to the meaning of life for more than two millennia. Continue reading

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Authors: Looking for Information on Book Publishing and Marketing?


If you are an author and are looking for more information on book publishing and marketing, please visit our Books4Dreams website.

At the Books4Dreams website, you will find information on various subjects, including: Continue reading

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How to Make a Perfect Pancake.


DSC02465Shrove Tuesday, or Pancake Day, is the day for making pancakes … and for using up all the sweet treats for the pancake filling.

Here’s a really easy recipe for pancakes … and they come out perfectly! There are 3 secrets to making a perfect pancake. Continue reading

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What is Love?


DSC02229What is the true meaning of love?

There are over 180 million global monthly searches on Google where people are searching for the answer to the question “what is love?”

Apparently it is one of the most popular searches on Google, Continue reading

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Inspirational Stories: 9 Inspiring People Born in February.


February is a month filled with inspiring and influential people. February is also Black History Month and President’s Day in the United States.

Nine famous people were born in the month of February and had a profound effect on the history of America, the history of the world, and produced inspiring and influential literature and works of art. Continue reading

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Picture Books Embracing the True Gift of Christmas: Enjoyed by Children and Parents


Books are a great way to make Christmas extra special. They can bring to life the true meaning of Christmastime.

Beautiful picture books, that embrace the warmth and compassion of this special time of year, are bound to be enjoyed by both children and parent alike.

Continue reading

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Welcome to My New Site


Welcome to to my new site.

By moving to this new site, I hope to be able to share information and giveaways with you that will be of interest to you. I hope you will this new site useful, enjoyable and helpful. If you have any suggestions or topics that you would like to be addressed, please leave a comment below or contact me via my contact page.

My “old” blog (www.books4dreams.com/bblog) is still in existence, but will focus on books published by Bingham Mayne and Smith and latest industry news.


About Jules Bronte: Jules Bronte is the author of the The Royal Wedding Adventure (Trouble-solving Trio) an illustrator, educator, and healthcare professional. She is passionate about education and encouraging the ‘wonderment’ of learning.
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